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Estate Facts

Size and Plots

Springvale covers 58ha of gently sloping grassy terrain with five small streams and drainage lines that host magnificent old indigenous trees. This is slightly bigger than Dunkirk with far fewer plots making Springvale a sort after boutique estate.

There will be 93 homes on large farm plots and another 83 homes in Springvale Village. Plot sizes vary, with the average Village plot of 550m2 while the average farm plot is 2600m2.

With less than 200 homes in total, homeowners can expect to feel valued and part of a close-knit community.

Pricing and Sales

  • Farm plots of 2600 m2 from R 1.65m
  • Village plots from 450 m2 at R 850 000.

Prices vary between R 550 to R 800 / m2 on the farm and R 1000 / m2 to R 1300 / m2 in the Village which is exceptional value on the North Coast.

A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required and the conveyancers will call for guarantees for the balance three weeks after signature. Stuart (0721762971) are available to conduct private tours of Springvale.

Additional Costs


Estate Levies are currently are R3155 per plot/ per month until February 2023. Levies are subject to annual inflationary adjustments from 1st March each year.


Electrical connection cost: R22 109.00
Water connection: R 28 453.75

(Even if the client was building outside of the estate the municipality would charge these fees. They have charged the developer upfront and so they are recouping these costs on transfer.)

Stabilization/maintenance fund: R15 000.00(In the case where future capital projects are required the HOA this will assist the HOA so they do not need to raise special levies.


When the client wants to submit plans to the Springvale country estate architectural panel a once off fee of R15 000 is charged This will cover 3 submissions to the panel which should be more than adequate to get approval. If more submissions are required, an hourly rate will be charged for the fourth presentation.


Prior to building on site the client must contact the estate for a site handover. The HOA or estate manager will point out the water and electrical connections.

Prior to commencement of works the client must pay the R10 000.00 Kerb deposit (50% refundable should there be no damage to the kerbs, the rest will be retained to fix roads damaged during the construction phase.)

Prior to building the owner must purchase the relevant smart electrical and water meters from the HOA (electrical R950, Water R2 436,00 ex vat.


Springvale has been surrounded by a 2m high attractive tan coloured wall with 6 strands of high voltage electrical fencing on top. Security cameras and fence alarms have been be installed and linked to the guardhouse which will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are proud to have the latest biometric access control systems including facial recognition cameras at the gate. Springvale is a high security Estate. The entrance will have two lanes in and out so homeowners are not delayed by visitors going through the access control protocols. Contractors will use a separate entrance.


The Developers of Seaton Bay have commenced road works on tarring the dirt P228 which should be complete by December 2022. We are required to tar from our entrance gate to our boundary with Seaton West. This work will be completed by the end of 2022.
Elaleni Lifestyle are obliged to tar the section of the P 228 from the existing tar road near Brettenwood to join with the section being done by Seaton and work should commence in 2022.

More good news is that Seaton have announced that they will begin new on and off ramps onto the N2 later this year at the existing bridge over the N2 only 500 m from our entrance! They say this will be begun in once they receive SANRAL’s approval of the designs. Work is expected to start this year.

Once complete Springvale will be only a minute off the N2 on a tar road as well as an easy 10 min drive to the beautiful Sheffield beaches.

Design Philosophy

A return to the spacious homes of the past and ideal for young families with space to play games on the lawn. Natural style living with chickens, ducks and veggie gardens encouraged.

Houses are intended to blend with nature and not to dominate it. Only single-storey houses are allowed on the farm with low walls no higher than 1200 mm. (On the eight steepest sites some stepped double story designs will be permitted subject to approval by the Architectural Review panel.)

The architectural code is aimed at traditional or modern farm style homes and a comprehensive booklet of Architectural Design Code is available on our website.

There is a minimum of 10m between houses which is far wider than most other Estates.

Live-in staff are welcome and accommodation for them can be added. Granny flats may be built but not exceeding 2 bedrooms and 90m2 in size.

A 7 km network of walking and biking trails and a 1200 mm wide 2km pathway beside the main roads will allow for easy access between homes. It will be safe for children to walk and visit their friends or the clubhouse.

Rainwater harvesting is required in terms of our environmental approval. Garden ponds may also be used to attenuate rainwater. Residents are encouraged to install solar hot water systems and gas stoves are compulsory.

We are aware of the many frustrations felt by homeowners in more rigidly managed Estates. The philosophy of the Homeowners Association will more flexible with a common thread being “just do not spoil things for your neighbours.”

The main roads will be 5m wide and tarred. Minor roads will be 4m wide. There are wide road reserves on both sides of the road which will become lovely avenues. Over 50 % of the roadside trees have already been planted and the balance will be in by May.


The first Transfers of Phase 1 sites took place in January 2022 and three homes are already under construction with more following within weeks. Another batch of Phase 1 and 2 plots will be lodged shortly and we expect permission to transfer plots in all other phases by October/ November .

Construction of the Gatehouse, Sales office and perimeter and entrance and security system was completed in July.

The full security system including facial and fingerprint access control has been installed. Infrared cameras will be installed on river crossing sections of the walls before the first houses are occupied.


  • Transfer phase 1 – current
  • Phase 2 – August 2022
  • Phase 3 – 6 October 2022
  • Village – October2022

Pet Policy

Pet friendly with up to 4 dogs of any size, but no more than 2 cats within the farm sites and 2 dogs and one cat within the village sites.

Chickens and ducks are welcome but not roosters, please. Unusual pets may be approved by the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) on application.

As there are already buck and other small mammals like mongooses, occasional otters and ground nesting birds on the property, dogs should be walked on leashes. There will be two dog parks (one for small dogs), where dogs can run freely and mix with other dogs. We will reintroduce other buck species within the next few months. Unfortunately to avoid a fly problem we cannot accept cows, sheep, pigs or goats.

Clubhouse Facilities

The main Clubhouse will be a lovely self- service clubhouse with a big screen. The Clubhouse will face Island dam with wraparound shaded verandas on three sides.

There will be a gym, tennis court a 20m adult swimming pool, a kiddies play area and splash pool. There will also be a 40m x 30m grassed play area for ball games.

There will be a shaded outdoor pergola entertainment area near the dam below the Clubhouse with gas braais and a pizza oven. There are two lovely dams with bass and tilapia where homeowners are welcome to fish on a catch and release basis.

Another smaller Clubhouse will be built near Sunset Dam which will be convenient for Village residents but open to all. This will have a kiddie’s play area, a small pool and a shaded veranda facing the Dam.

The Village will have a village green. This will have a kiddies’ play area and a shaded shelter where moms can watch their children play.

The Estate has already installed a network of over 7kms of hiking and biking trails offering easy access between homes and the Clubhouses. There are 3 lovely picnic areas where seating has been installed along the trails.


The landscaping code stipulates indigenous trees and shrubs outside the building platform. Fences must be built 3 m from boundaries to leave a 6 m wide indigenous corridor between homes which will be much appreciated by buck and other wildlife as well as screening boundaries between homes.

Homeowners are welcome to plant exotic flowers and shrubs within the building platforms as long as exotic plants do not exceed 30% of the planting palette within the building platforms. Orchards and veggie gardens are encouraged.

Homeowners are welcome to begin landscaping their plots immediately after signing their sales agreements. This will mean that screening boundary trees can be more than 3m high when homeowners move into their houses.

The Developers

Springvale is being developed by the Graham family who recently completed Birdhaven Estate in Colwyn Drive, Sheffield Beach. Mike the developer often says, ’This is a family development. At the end of the day we are developing an estate we would want to live in.”

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