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Springvale Fixed Price Home Packages

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Springvale Fixed Price Home Packages.
Now that we have received our Water Use License, we have begun our civils. This exciting development means that transfers and homeowners building their dream farm-style home is now a reality. With this excitement, we also realize that many of our homeowners will be building for the first time and with this comes a level of uncertainty for the unknown. We have listened carefully to our homeowners and have  recognized that much of this uncertainty is due to the nature of building, the fear of escalating costs, the building process itself and applying for a bond.
With this in mind, we together with Indlovu Construction have developed three turn-key fixed price home package options,designed to suit families in every season of life, and budget.
Our hope is that these Fixed Price Home Package options will give a number of our homeowners the clarity and confidence they need to build their dream home.

They have created three home package options for our homeowners

Crested Eagle Home Package

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Open Plan Living, Farm Style Verandas – 200m2

COST: R 3,150,000.00 including VAT, excluding land and pool.

Valid to start construction until 1 April 2021

Fish Eagle Home Package

3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom, Study Area, Open Plan Living, Farm Style Verandas – 255m2

COST: R 3,650,000.00 including VAT, excluding land and pool.

Valid to start construction until 1 April 2021

Crowned Eagle Home Package

4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom, Study Area, Open Plan Living, Farm Style Verandas – 317m2

COST: R 4,360,000.00 including VAT, excluding land and pool.

Valid to start construction until 1 April 2021

We have developed these plans with the following in mind

  • The plans will  be adapted or a custom design plan will be designed to fit on any site chosen by a client.
  • The plans are approved by the Springvale Architectural panel.
  • The plans are a ‘template’ that can be adapted at the clients request.
  • Customising adds one’s own personality and creative flair to make the design their own.

So how does this turn-key package work

Once a client has selected their plot at Springvale they can choose a home package suitable to their budget.

Once guarantees are in place, the Springvale Sales team will introduce the new homeowners to Graeme and his team.

Graeme and his team will then meet with the client to work through the home package of choice and make personal changes to the plan as  requested by the client.

Graeme will then provide clients with a fixed price which clients can then take to the bank, where they can expect 90% bond approval off the back of finalized house plans and contract.

Graeme and his team will then project manage the entire planning and building process until the completed home is handed over to the client with all guarantees and certificates.


*Please note, the Springvale team have no involvement in the fixed price home package process. The SCE team will assist clients in discovering the perfect plot, best suited to their budget and package option. From plot guarantee, the SCE sales team will facilitate a meeting with Indlovu Construction who will guide the client through the turn-key solution.

* The Fixed Price Home Package option prices exclude land cost.

*Our first Home Package options have been developed by Indlovu Construction and their team, however we encourage homeowners to explore the home package solution with their own architect or team of choice. As always, our sales team is available to help guide you through this process.


Meet and Greet

An initial session to introduce the client to the team and discuss the process, design and budgets.

Budget Meeting

Any changes to the package home or a custom package will be calculated for a final budget inclusive of the design, build, submission fees and ancillary costs.

The architect receives this budget and a design brief to adjust the design or design a custom home.

Home Design

The design is adjusted or completed with 3D renders within the final budget.

Design Submission

The client approves the design and the final adjusted fixed price, the plans are then submitted to the Estate Design Review Committee and Council for approval.

Interior Design

Interiors are designed during the plan approval process and completed with 3D renders and an Interior Specification Booklet (ISB), prices are fixed within the fixed price PC sum Amounts.


With the building plans passed and the price fixed, the building begins. Clients will have monthly meetings with all professionals as required throughout the build with respect to quality, design, program and fixed price.


The completed home is handed over with all the necessary certificates and guarantees.

  • Building bond is 90% on the entire package instead of 60% on the land only
  • Comfort that the bond is approved all in for a specific home (Land Design Build Fees etc) and within their own budget
  • Experienced centrally located Professional Team
  • Cost Effective and timeous execution
  • Quality
  • Risk free
  • Legal, regulatory and financial support
  • Guaranteed No cost overruns
  • 5year latent defect guarantee
  • Reactive maintenance team
  • Bank approved
  • Quality

Yes, everything is included except the land, properties rates, levies, water and electrical connections and any other bulk contributions required by the developer.

The NHBRC is governed by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998 (Act No.95 of 1998). The Act states that the NHBRC’s role is to:

(a) Represent the interests of housing consumers by providing warranty protection against defects in new homes;
(b) Regulate the home building industry;
(c) Provide protection to housing consumers in respect of the failure of home builders to comply with their obligations in terms of this Act;
(d) Establish and to promote ethical and technical standards in the home building industry;
(e) Improve structural quality in the interests of housing consumers and the home building industry;
(f) Promote housing consumer rights and to provide housing consumer information;
(g) Communicate with and to assist home builders to register in terms of this Act;
(h) Assist home builders, through training and inspection, to achieve and to maintain satisfactory technical standards of home building.

In most home building projects, the JBCC contract is used with the Architect being the Principal Agent. The Principle Agent has full authority and obligation to act in terms of the agreement and in doing so to be impartial and objective at all times.

Responsibilities are to approve the measured value of work on a monthly basis, sign off the completion certificates after the snag-list is completed and resolve contractual agreement issues.

Should the Principle Agent not be able to resolve any issues he may refer the Client and Contractor to mediation, arbitration or the courts.

Yes, even though the contractor might have their own Safety Officer and delegated responsible persons, the client needs an independent Safety Officer to look after their responsibilities. Indlovu will arrange for such a person

In order to provide you with the final completion certificate, the Council requires the following certificates from ourselves:


1. Engineers stability certificate

2. Completion certificate as per the JBCC

3. Glazing compliance Certificate

4. Soil poisoning certificate

5. Plumbing compliance certificate

6. Electrical compliance certificate

7. Gas compliance certificate

8. NHBRC enrolement certificate

9. As Built Plans approval

  • Roof leakage guarantee 1 Year (NHBRC requirement)
  • Structural guarantee 5 Years  (NHBRC requirement)
  • Latent defect guarantee (JBCC Requirement)
  • 3 month maintenance period (JBCC requirement)
  • Engineer and Architects Professional Indemnity (PI) (Lifetime on the design)

Our teams will also respond to any reasonable fault and repair it.

If we do not use an interior designer it mostly works out more costly as well as time-consuming and stressful in the long run. Clients do not always have the time to explore the endless possibilities available to create their dream environments. Trying to choose from among the myriad of products offered in lifestyle stores and publications is confusing and overwhelming. The end result of a do-it-yourself job is often a mistake that is even more expensive to undo.

Spatial planning as part of this design and specification process will be presented in great detail with virtual 3D renders which allow the client to fully understand what the interior of their home will look like, in addition the price is now fixed before construction begins

We believe that the architects design is the most important aspect of a new home as they create something from nothing by bringing in their own education, experience and knowledge together with the clients’ vision, requirements and budget. This design can make or break a dream home. We firmly believe an excessive budget does exclusively mean the product will be satisfactory, it takes team work, expertise and experience. The architect like the engineer, has PI (Professional indemnity) which covers the client in the case of any major design errors. The architect also acts independently as the Principle Agent.

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